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Hope Island Gourmet Meats is your first choice for the finest Gold Coast lamb. Natural grass fed Lamb has many nutritional and health benefits such as being rich in protein, iron, zinc, B vitamins, selenium, vitamin D, and omega-3s.  Did you know that grass fed lamb has a higher level of omega-3 oils in them than normal store bought stuff?  Omega-3 being an essential fatty acid that helps in a huge variety of health factors.

Gold Coast Butcher Hope Island Gourmet Meats LambNot to mention also that apart from being very healthy, lamb is a very flavoursome dish that can be cooked so many different ways with so many different cuts of meat.  For an idea on some amazing dishes, click here for some recipe ideas.

Our cuts of Lamb

B & R Lamb Leg
Lamb Necks
Lamb Loin Chops
Lamb F/Quarter Chops
Plain Lamb Cutlets
Crumbed Lamb Cutlets
Diced Lamb
Rack of Lamb
Rack of Lamb Back Off
Smoked Lamb Rack
Lamb Shanks

Lamb Brains
Lamb Kidney
Lamb Fry
Lamb Rump
Lamb mince
Lamb Leg Chops
Denuded Eye of Shortion
Lamb Backstraps
Mutton Tenderloin

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