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Hope Island Gourmet Meats is proud of the fact that we stock the kind of meat you won’t find anywhere else. We also have the Gold Coast’s finest range of smallgoods imported from the finest locations around the world, as well as some made in store. To find out the different products, please click on the links.

Gold Coast butchers who take their trade seriously.

Therefore we never receive meat pre-cut or prepackaged, we receive the whole animal and prepare it in our Gold Coast store, making sure the choice cuts are as fresh as they can be. By using this method we also ensure that every part of the animal is used. We encourage our customers to try some of our unique delicacies that we create from the ‘other’ parts of the animal, including blood sausage and terrine. Or, why not ask us for some of the bones to make your next broth?

Meat is versatile, so let us help you get creative.

When buying a cut of meat you are purchasing more than just something to fill your stomach; you are buying a product that is versatile, healthy and tastes great. Next time your are buying some of our quality meats, why not pick up some of our unique sauces, spices and other organic products such as coconut oil. We also can give you great advice and recipes on how to utilise anything you purchase so that your next dish will have you looking like a master chef.

For a full list of our Products, please contact us to confirm availability. If purchasing game meats please contact us beforehand to ensure we have enough stock.

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