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Here at Hope Island Gourmet Meats we have a variety of Game Meat available for purchase.  All our Game Meats are prime quality, natural and extremely tasty.   Some Game Meats such as Kangaroo (that is shown to be much more healthy then normal meats) have a very high protein level and extremely lean, as a matter of fact Kangaroo Meat has less then 2% fat.  Not to mention how great it tastes.  It’s really no wonder people are using more and more game meat for their dishes.

Check out the list below and get experimental with your cooking, try a Venison Stew, or how about some Peking Duck, Slow Cooked Pheasant with mushroom and Olives.  Do these sound like some great new and exciting dishes you would like to try?  Well then for some great recipe ideas have a look at this mouth watering list of game meat recipes. 

Please note that minimum quantities apply and if you have any questions please contact us anytime.

Our Game Meat Range

Below is a list of the Game Meat that we can get for you, please call us to see what we have in store.

Crocodile Tail Fillets
Crocodile Sausages
Crocodile Tenderloins
Crocodile Trim

Wild Rabbits
Farmed Rabbits

Kangaroo Loin
Premium Roo Trim

Emu Fan Fillet

Whole Pheasants

Dressed Ducks Size
Duck Sausages
Duck Breast
Duck Kiev
Duck Legs
Duck Livers
Duck Maryland

Venison Striploin NZ
Venison Rump
Venison Tenderloin NZ
Venison Knuckle/Round

Turkey Kiev
Turkey Buffet
Turkey Whole
Turkey Wings
Turkey Drumsticks
Smoked Turkey Breast

Quail Medium, Large, Jumbo

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