Christmas Ham

The best Christmas Leg Ham on the Gold Coast is now in stock!

That time of the year is nearly here and it’s time to start looking for that delicious, juicy hunk of holiday meat – The Christmas Ham.  Here at Hope Island Gourmet Meats we smoke/cure all our Christmas hams in the store using only natural smoke, sawdust and organic Juniper Berries.   The natural way we smoke/cure our hams gives them such a unique flavour that people will be talking about them long after they are gone.

Most hams have a very high sodium level due to when the meat is cured, it is injected, rubbed or soaked in a brine.  Most brines are made with a combination of salt and water.  Some meat companies will add sugars, preservatives and spices to give it extra flavour and a better storage life.  Here at Hope Island Gourmet Meats we have our own low salt cure we use on all our hams, giving it a great flavour and lowering the sodium levels of the traditional ham.

All fresh female legs so there is no boar taint!

We only use fresh female legs for our delicious hams to avoid any of that boar taint other hams possess.  This ensures the absolute finest hams for you during the Christmas break.  All Christmas dinners need a ham and ours are some of the greatest tasting pieces of Australian pork you will find.

Bangalow Sweet Pork Hams on Request

Bangalow sweet pork is well recognised across Australia as the tastiest, highest quality pork product available.  Bangalow sweet pork is a multi-award winning flavoured pork that is completely Hormone and Antibiotic Free.  We are proud to be on the list of exclusive butchers and restaurants who can sell this superior product.   These incredibly tasty hams are only available on request so contact us about them for more information or visit the website of Bangalow Sweet Pork Hams to learn more about this great Australian Pork.

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